Bright Ageing – Smart lighting to improve wellbeing of the elderly

Artikkelikuva: Bright Ageing – Smart lighting to improve wellbeing of the elderly

The Bright Ageing project is offering innovative solutions based on a connected lighting system for the elderly. The smart lighting is tested with the Helsinki Service Centre and its customers in order to provide lighting conditions that match the specific needs of elderly people and enable them to live independently at home longer.

One of the main reasons for the domestic accidents is the insufficient amount of light at the homes of the elderly. With the smart and effective lighting systems accidents can be minimized – or even prevented. In result, the wellbeing and security of the elderly will be increased. Furthermore, by using smart and innovative lighting solutions cost savings for the home care can be created.

Smart lighting refers to a separately adjusted levels of light and tailored solutions according to the individual needs. Motion detection during the night time and the integration with the other virtual services, for example the fall recognition, enables the elderly feel more safe at their own homes. It is expected that these smart lighting solutions decrease the number of the fallings and improve the quality of sleep.

The BrightAgeing project tests an IoT-based lighting and sensor system in a real-life environment, which gives the opportunity to define optimum lighting solution for the home care customers. Sensors collect data which helps developing and analysing each solution at hand. This gives a unique possibility to improve the quality of the home care as well as the wellbeing of the elderly.

Most of the equipment and software used in the experiment already exists, so project’s main goal is to focus on improving smart lighting system based on knowledge gained in the real-life testing environment. For this purpose, a smart lighting and sensor system will be installed in 20 homes in Helsinki and a data analytics service will be developed. One of the aims of the pilot is to obtain the proof points that are needed to commercialize the system and service.

Bright Ageing project is a result of cooperation with the City of Helsinki Service Centre, Forum Virium Helsinki, Tieto and Philips Lighting B.V. Bright Ageing project runs until the end of 2017 and it is funded by EIT Digital and the city’s innovation fund.

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