The Last mile project seeks smart mobility solutions for tourists, residents and commuters in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The mobility pilots of Helsinki will be take place in Jätkäsaari area. The pilots aim to make transport easier for different user groups and to improve the accessibility of the area.

The Last mile project utilises a market-oriented approach to seek new smart mobility solutions for the needs of tourists, residents and commuters. The aim is to facilitate transport for these target groups in the areas of Järkäsaari and Ruoholahti in Helsinki, Nuuksio, Rantaraitti and marine sites in Espoo and the area of Aviapolis in Vantaa.

The cities are seeking new solutions in collaboration with companies that provide mobility services, such as tourism industry companies, research institutions, development and innovation actors as well as the end-users of mobility services based on a co-creation approach.

Business from new services

The Last mile project utilises transport services already on the market and creates a basis for the creation of new services and products. The aim is to facilitate the commercial utilisation of new solutions and integrate them into the existing transport system.

The project involves identifying the mobility needs of different target groups and responding to them with a trial programme that pilots solutions for facilitating mobility and improving the accessibility of the areas.

Co-creation between cities

The Last mile project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Six City Strategy for 2017–2019. The project is being implemented by Forum Virium Helsinki, the City of Vantaa, Espoo Marketing Oy, Aalto University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Demos Helsinki.

The joint project is coordinated by the City of Vantaa and has a total budget of 1.9 million Euros. Forum Virium Helsinki is responsible for the development of the Jätkäsaari area.

Further information:

Heli Ponto

Project Manager

Mobile: +358 40 501 5357