The New Solutions in City Logistics project develops and pilots light last mile delivery solutions in urban areas. The aim is to improve the logistics chain with the help of digitalisation.

Urbanisation is a megatrend everywhere in the world, causing people, housing and jobs to centre around increasingly smaller areas in cities. At the same time, e-commerce  and urban distribution traffic are increasing at a rapidly accelerating pace.
Amidst these changes, the big question is how to keep the city safe, pleasant and clean for all residents. 

Making day-to-day life in the city more flexible and pleasant

The New Solutions in City Logistics project seeks new solutions for organising light and environmentally-friendly urban distribution while minimising the noise, emissions and congestion problems caused by distribution logistics. At the same time, the project seeks solutions for making the everyday lives of residents easier, so that online purchases, for example, are delivered when and where the customer wants.

As such, the aim of the project is to both make people’s lives more flexible and promote efforts to keep the city a pleasant, clean and safe place to live and spend time in. To achieve these goals, the project seeks new solutions for organising last mile delivery in collaboration with businesses, with the aim of replacing the delivery vans with lighter solutions.

Agile pilots and open data

The project involves various types of agile pilots in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. In Helsinki, the project is piloting deliveries with autonomous vehicles and the replacement of automobile deliveries with lighter, electricity-assisted two-, three- or four-wheeled vehicles. In Turku, the project is piloting shared-use local distribution stations and the home delivery of packages with light distribution vehicles. In Tampere, the project is studying the possibilities for drone transport. In all the pilots, businesses are supported and encouraged to utilise open APIs and innovation platforms in their efforts.

New Solutions in City Logistics create the preconditions for new types of low-carbon business models, thus increasing the ecological sustainability of logistics.

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