The Mobility Urban Values (MUV) project encourages residents to change their mobility behaviour and make more sustainable mobility choices through illustration and gamification. The project’s influencing methods are co-created with residents. At the same time, the project creates tools for both residents and data collection, thus facilitating local-level city planning.

MUV is a three-year project launched in 2017 and funded by the EU’s H2020 programme. The project is coordinated by the Italian PUSH design lab. Helsinki is one of the project’s six European pilot cities, each of which has selected one neighbourhood to serve as a testing ground for the related pilots. Helsinki’s pilots will be carried out in Jätkäsaari: the city’s foremost test environment for mobility solutions.

Forum Virium’s role in the project is to carry out the pilot in Helsinki and to promote the related participation and interaction in city planning. The key focus areas of these efforts include measuring the living environment and illustrating its spaces to residents.

Incentives for low-emission mobility

Among the greatest challenges that cities face today is finding solutions for achieving climate targets. Being one of the largest, sometimes even the largest, source of emissions, traffic is naturally a major focus area for these efforts. In addition to technical solutions and regulation, traffic emissions can be effectively reduced by influencing residents, whose mobility choices have a major impact on the environmental impact of traffic. This is exactly what the MUV project aims to do by making everyday choices fun with the help of a mobile game, the model of which will be designed in a way that residents will find engaging and relevant to their own living environment.

The MUV project supports the development of Jätkäsaari into a test platform for new mobility solutions while also promoting a sense of community and local activity. The project supports the goal defined in the City of Helsinki’s strategy of reducing the climate impact of transport and emissions harmful to residents’ health.











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