Data, technologies and support available for developing the urban solutions of the future

Forum Virium is building an open ecosystem for a diverse group of actors to create new urban services and business operations. On this page you can find the openly licensed assets created in our pilot projects, open source software components and information about available contacts and our support services, which you are free to utilise within the confines of the relevant licenses and terms and conditions. Turn them into business for your company, use them to learn about new technologies or build solutions that benefit the residents of Helsinki.

Raw data to fuel solutions

Whether you’re thinking of creating a new application or need data to train algorithms or build better understanding, there are plenty of different data sets to choose from. The City’s open data sets can be found at

Find out more about the data sets (for things like noise, air quality, visitor counts) created in the data collection pilots of Forum Virium’s projects via the links on Vekotinverstas’s website (in Finnish):

Real-time data demo

Below is an example of a visualisation created in Grafana based on the data generated by IoT sensors.

Harmonised APIs

The way in which a piece of software provides data or services to applications or other information systems is governed by Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. An open API makes all of the software’s features public and available for utilisation without restrictions. We believe in building a shared urban market with the help of APIs, which is why we have promoted the harmonisation of APIs in a number of projects, such as CitySDK, 6Aika Open Data and Interfaces, SynchroniCity and mySMARTLife. Discover the benefits of the API definitions and reference implementations created in these projects:

The benefits of open source

Open source can offer numerous benefits to cities, such as opportunities for co-creating and re-using solutions and reducing the risk of vendor lock-in. The solutions developed in our projects are realised primarily as open source. In addition to source code, we also share other assets, such as service design materials, to support other projects. Feel free to implement, utilise and continue development with us:

Examples of data visualisation

Develop your company’s IoT know-how at Vekotinverstas

Vekotinverstas (the Gadget Workshop) is a workshop open to everyone in which your company can experiment on and build various IoT applications and devices under the supervision of an expert. Located at the Cable Factory, Vekotinverstas organises free-of-charge workshops and events that allow participants to learn about IoT devices and their operation in practice. Vekotinverstas is run by the City of Helsinki’s innovation unit Forum Virium Helsinki and the Cable Factory.

You can learn about IoT technology at Vekotinverstas by participating in the workshops, which are held once a month, or by simply dropping by. The topics of the workshops to be held this spring include audio sensors and LoRaWAN network technology. We would also be happy to receive suggestions from companies regarding the themes of upcoming workshops. For companies, Vekotinverstas offers an opportunity to have devices or new services tested by real users. Companies can also organise co-creation workshops or training courses related to their technologies and invite developers, startups, students or local residents to participate in them via Vekotinverstas’s and Forum Virium Helsinki’s networks.

The Gadget Workshop website (in Finnish):

Getting started with new network offerings

International data traffic is growing rapidly as more and more devices are connected to the Internet of Things. The LoRa network enables affordable long-distance connections for IoT devices in cities and rural areas. LoRa uses a license-free radio frequency, which in Europe is 868 MHz. Forum Virium has a contract for a thousand devices with Digita, which provides the network service in Finland. If you’re interested, please contact Aapo Rista.

The 5G network offers companies new business opportunities, regardless of their field. 5G benefits all companies who get added value or improved performance from increased data transfer capacity, minimal delays, reliable connections and the potential to grow the number of connected devices and reduce their energy consumption. If you’re interested in an opportunity to test the 5G network, please contact Eero Jalo.


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