The development of robot buses and self-driving transport has come far in Helsinki. Finnish legislation makes it possible to carry out versatile autonomous tests with different forms of mobility.

Test permits can be obtained effortlessly, and interaction with the authorities is easy. Robot buses will also be tried as part of the City’s public transport in the near future. Quick charging and a two-way charging station are being piloted to support smart and electric mobility as part of the smart electricity network.

Surveys indicate that the public transport services of the Helsinki region have the most satisfied customers in the world. The public transport works well, the metro is being expanded and Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is at the forefront of developing smart transport services. In summer, public transport takes new forms, such as electric scooters and city bikes.

The areas of development include but are not limited to an order application for boat rides, an autonomous ship, automated information exchange, a smart waterway, remote control for ships and smart harbour logistics.

Robot bus line 90R took passengers from metro station to the nearby beach in Vuosaari, Helsinki. Photo: Vesa Laitinen