The City of Oulu is a forerunner Smart City. It has been able to use this competitive advantage to develop new innovations, businesses and services for the benefit of the whole society. The Oulu’s citizens have been playing a central role in the development work. The City of Oulu has the long tradition of co-operation between education and research institutes, companies, public sector as well as enthusiastic and innovative individuals.
The seminar introduces over 120 speakers and panelists, and over 30 exhibitors. The programme includes the Six City Strategy (6Aika) which is a joint initiative of the six biggest cities of Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu and Turku. All Mayors of Six Cities will participate in the panel discussion: ‘Smart Mayors Lead Smart Cities’ on Tue 5th May, 2015.

Time: 05/04/2015 – 09:00 – 05/06/2015 – 17:00 – 05/04/2015 – 09:00 – 05/06/2015 – 17:00
Venue: Finnkino and Scandic Hotel, Saaristonkatu 4, Oulu, Finland