3 ways to participate in Forum Virium Helsinki

Join us in making Helsinki the most functional Smart City in the world! There are three ways to participate. Get familiar with our living labs, join our open calls or propose a new project. We offer you piloting, experiments and sometimes funding too!

1. Get familiar with our developer ecosystem at our thematic living labs

2. Participate in open calls in our projects

As one method to co-create the future Helsinki, we use challenge-based open calls for proposals. In these competitive open calls we ask startups, SMEs, large companies and research entities propose innovative solutions that tackle the challenges we have defined. Anyone with a proper business ID can make a proposition.

Experimentations are smaller, typically in the size of 2.000€ to 15.000€, and are executed in 1 to 3 months. With experimentations we expect to learn about future opportunities together. Pilots are larger demonstrations and proof-of-concepts of new innovations with serious hypotheses of real life applicability, and they vary from 60.000€ up to several million euros per winning company.

Ongoing and forthcoming open calls

TopicPeriod for submissionsFunding per proposalTotal fundingTypeFurther information
Pilots for Smart City Internet of Things innovations1.6.-30.9.2018100.000€ (single SME), 300.000€ (consortia)(15-25 funded)3,0 million€Horizon2020 open callSynchronicity
Development of operations system for autonomous last mile public transport in cities. Challenge based R&D for the prototyping and testing of systems capable of operating a fleet of autonomous mini-buses in normal urban environments, and integrated with public transport systems.Q3 20181st phase: est. 38.000€/contract
2nd phase: est. 331.000€/contract
3rd phase: est. 750.000€/contract
5,4 million€Pre-Commercial ProcurementFABULOS
Avoimet ja älykkäät oppimisympäristötQ3/2018- Q3/ 20196-10 pilots, about  5000€ per pilot40.000€Procurement (of experimentation)Oppimisen uusi aika
Smart mobility solutions and services for residents and commuters in Jätkäsaari pilot area Q1/2 20192-5 pilots, about 5.000€ – 15.000€ per pilot70.000€Procurement (of experimentation)Perille Asti

Past calls

TopicDeadline for applicationsFunding per proposalTotal fundingType Awarded companies (for the past calls)
Smart mobility solutions and services for tourists in Jätkäsaari pilot area Q1/2 20182-5 pilots, about  10.000€ per pilot45.000€Procurement (of experimentation)Perille Asti
Co-designing wellbeing: Solutions for digital health and wellbeing to be piloted in Smart Kalasatama. 1.1.-15.2.2018max. 8.000€40.000€Procurement (of experimentation)Smart KalasatamaCo-Designing Wellbeing Miils, Meallogger, Auntie, Moodmetric, MelloVR
Behaviour change pilot towards more use of public transport in the Port trafficQ1 201860.000€(plus 3 prototypes á 10.000€ funded)90.000€Innovation partnershipFinEst Smart MobilityKyyti
Software robotics to improve the services for the home care customers in Helsinki7.12.2017The purpose of the information request is to gather information – prior to possible procurement – on the options currently available in the markets.   Information requestHoivarobotiikka Information request in Hilma
Just-in-time queuing system for heavy good vehicle traffic to Port31.10.2017162.000€162.000€Procurement (of pilot service)FinEst Smart Mobility GoSwift
Smart solutions for out-bound road traffic from Port of Helsinki26.10.2017110.000€ (plus 3 prototypes a 20.000€ funded)170.000€Innovation partnershipFinEst Smart Mobility 

Smart solutions for in-bound road traffic to Port of Helsinki23.10.201740.000€ (plus 3 prototypes á 10.000€ funded)70.000€Innovation partnershipFinEst Smart MobilityFleetrange 
EV charging pilot to support the development of innovative IoT solutions using technologies and services provided by the bIoTope project.22.8.2017100.000€100.000€Procurement (of pilot service)bIoTopeParkkisähkö
Wellbeing services for new Health and Wellbeing center in Kalasatama31.5.20161.000-8.000€14.000€Procurement (of experimentation)Fiksu KalasatamaMovendos ja Kuntoutussäätiö, Auntie
Internet of Everything platform for Smart Cities14.4.20171st phase: max. 36.000€/contract
2nd phase: max. 217.000€/contract
3rd phase: max. 544.000€/contract
3,2 million€Pre-Commercial ProcurementSelect4Cities1st phase consortiums: FIWOO, Etv-CORE, Harmony, IoE Platform, City Enabler, Newton, City of Data, Snap4City, City Platform, Wings Smart City Platform
Climate-positive solutions’ experimentation15.1.20171.000-8.000€38.000 €Procurement (of experimentation)Fiksu KalasatamaWitrafi, Parkkisähkö, Elwedo, InnoGreen ja Natural Interest
New technologies and business models to ease road congestion at Jätkäsaari6.12.20168.000-15.000€69.000€Procurement (of experimentation)FinEst Smart MobilityFLOU, GoSwift, Townhall24, Jiffi, Positium

Each topic is organized by a specific project, and more information, specific rules, and contacts are available from these project pages.

3. Create new collaborative projects with us

We create a large bulk of our activities with the very competed R&I funding targeted for collaborative projects. If you are working on new project development, we would be happy to discuss with you on future collaboration on common project or programme proposals. For this, please contact:

All project proposals

Roope Ritvos

Mobile: +358 40 466 2161

Climate KIC

Veera Mustonen

#smartkalasatama #smartcity
Mobile: +358 40 508 4022

Horizon 2020

Hugo Goncalves

Mobile: +358 45 1199 410

EIT Digital

Pekka Koponen

#smartcity #opendata
#MaaS #API #IoT
Mobile: +358 40 501 7114


Pia Karjalainen

Mobile: +358 400 514 164

Photo: City of Helsinki / Keksi Agency