Mini-Piloting is looking for research-based ideas and concepts that can be developed into profitable businesses or otherwise contribute to urban development. During the autumn 2021 and spring 2022, the selected proposals will be developed into functional prototypes and piloted in cooperation with cities. The call for tenders is open until 18.8.2021.

Invitation to tender and submission of a tender

With this open call for tenders, Forum Virium Helsinki is looking for one or more research based concepts that can be developed to product or service prototypes and piloted with the cities.

Each trial will be carried out as a service and will cost a maximum of € 15,000 (VAT 0%). The total budget of the Mini Piloting accelerator is € 150,000. Forum Virium Helsinki reserves the right not to use the entire budget or choose a limited number of applicants for the experiments.

One or more service providers may be selected in the tender. Forum Virium Helsinki reserves the right not to carry out the procurement in the original format due to insufficient proposals or the eligibility of other tender related reasons.

The offer must describe the content of the service, indicate the total price of the piloting. Forum Virium Helsinki does not undertake to pay any costs or expenses outside the offer (e.g. accommodation or travel expenses). The service provider carries out all phases of the experiment and is responsible for its implementation, costs, insurance and licensing.

The operator(s) selected for the experiment are responsible for all possible damages and damages related to this piloting project to themselves, Forum Virium Helsinki, and other third parties. For the sake of clarity, the service price agreed in the Piloting contract covers the entire service with costs and expenses. Forum Virium Helsinki is not obliged to pay any invoices, costs or expenses of the service provider that exceed the agreed service price.

Companies and other operators with a business ID can participate in the tender. Also proposals in which the company is established during the project are considered. Payment can only be made to an operator with a European Business ID.

Operators selected for the Mini Piloting shall, upon request, provide certificates and statements of taxes and pension insurance premiums paid and the necessary insurance in accordance with the Subscriber Liability Act.

The Mini Piloting is confirmed by a separate agreement with payment terms. Prizes are VAT 0%. The prize / trial will be paid against the invoice. The trial will be paid for in one or more batches, depending on the size of the trial and the supplier resources. The payment term is defined in the contract. The company participating in the experiment has a separate reporting obligation, which is agreed upon under the terms of the contract.

Intellectual property rights: The project and piloting are purchased as a service. This leaves the IPRs / intellectual property rights to the team / company.

Tenders must be submitted by Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Late applications will not be considered.

The tender must be  in English and submitted via the form below. Any confidential information must be indicated in the tender.

Evaluation criteria and selection

The Forum Virium Helsinki panel of experts will evaluate the bids submitted by the deadline, 18.8.2021. The proposals will be evaluated based on three evaluation criteria: novelty value and innovativeness, feasibility as well as impact. Each evaluation criteria is scaled with 0-4 points.


A) Research, novelty value and innovativeness (0–4 p.)

  • The service or product has genuine novelty value and is innovative
  • The service or product brings new practices, solutions, and perspectives to urban environment
  • The service or product concept is based on research.

B) Feasibility (0–4 p.)

  • The bidder demonstrates that it has sufficient skills and resources to carry out the project
  • Evidence of previous professional activity
  • The description of measures, schedules and resources shows that the project can be carried out in a high quality, safe and agreed manner.

C) Impact (pp. 0–4)

  • The intended effect of the experiment and the way to verify the effect are clearly described.
  • It is possible to scale the solution to other environments and with other partners.
  • The solution makes it possible to create new business.


Each evaluation criterion is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 4 points and the maximum possible score for a proposal is 12 points. Proposals will be scored according to the following scale:

0 p. Minimum requirement is not met

1 p. Minimum requirement is met

2 p. Requirement is met

3 p. Requirement is met well

4 p. Requirement is perfectly met

The procurement decision is made by Forum Virium Helsinki. Forum Virium Helsinki reserves the right not to select any service provider. The decision on the procurement and the reasons for it, as well as the statement of appeal and the instructions for rectification, shall be notified in writing to those concerned. An agreement with the service provider selected will only be concluded by signing a separate agreement.

Questions regarding the Mini Piloting Call for Tenders can be posted via the main Mini Piloting page.

The answers will be made available on the same webpage within 10 days.

The tender form has been closed.

We will be in contact with all tenderers at a later date.


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