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Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Director, Economic Development

Three ways to build a smart digital city

1. Each city buys its own systems.
“It’s expensive and inefficient. This is how things are done today, but it’s a short term solution.”

2. Large companies produce service platforms and sell them to cities one by one.

“This is okay. When a large company sells a product to a hundred different places, as the 101st buyer the city will already get a fairly good product. The downside is that these are closed source solutions.”

3. A group of cities and companies collaborate in building an open source service platform, on top of which different stakeholders can develop their own services.

“The great thing about using open source code is that it enables changing service providers, it lowers costs and allows small and medium sized companies get involved in public IT service development.”

The original text: Petja Partanen, Tarinatakomo.