3 ways to participate in Forum Virium Helsinki

Join us in making Helsinki the most functional Smart City in the world! There are three ways to participate. Get familiar with our living labs, join our open calls or propose a new project. We offer you piloting, experiments and sometimes funding too!

1. Company, participate in open calls and pilot in Helsinki

As one method to co-create the future Helsinki, we use challenge-based open calls for proposals. In these competitive open calls we ask startups, SMEs, large companies and research entities propose innovative solutions that tackle the challenges we have defined. Anyone with a proper business ID can make a proposition.

Experimentations are smaller and are executed in 1 to 3 months. With experimentations we expect to learn about future opportunities together. Pilots are larger demonstrations and proof-of-concepts of new innovations with serious hypotheses of real life applicability. You will find ongoing open calls in the list below.

Open call for smart mobility solutions (Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab)

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab and Forum Virium Helsinki are seeking innovative mobility solutions through agile piloting. The call is open until 18 August 2020. >>> Read more

Helsinki Energy Challenge

Helsinki Energy Challenge offers one million euros for the best energy solution

How to produce Helsinki’s heating in a carbon neutral way, and with as little biomass as possible? Join the challenge by 30th September 2020! >>> Read more

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2. Citizen, join our innovators clubs and living labs

3. University, create new collaborative projects with us

We create a large bulk of our activities with the very competed R&I funding targeted for collaborative projects. If you are working on new project development, we would be happy to discuss with you on future collaboration on common project or programme proposals. For this, please contact:

New project initiatives, Interreg

Pia Karjalainen

Senior Project Development Manager
Head of National and Interreg R&I collaboration

Mobile: +358 400 514 164

Horizon 2020, Climate KIC

Hugo Goncalves

Senior Project Development Manager
Head of EU R&I collaboration

#SELECT4CITIES #IoE #IoT #Horizon2020
Mobile: +358 45 1199 410

EIT Digital

Pekka Koponen

Director Smart City

#smartcity #opendata
#MaaS #API #IoT
Mobile: +358 40 501 7114

IoT & Data

Timo Ruohomäki

Director, IoT and Data

Mobile: +358 40 661 5500

Smart Kalasatama

Kerkko Vanhanen

Programme Director, Smart Kalasatama

Mobile: +358 40 596 8296

Past open calls


What: Smart mobility solutions and services for tourists in Jätkäsaari pilot area
Project: Perille asti 2018
Selected companiesDrive Now, Easy Park, Vapaus Bikes, Route Pepper, Norölines, Bout


What: Solutions for digital health and wellbeing to be piloted in Smart Kalasatama
Project: Co-designing wellbeing project 2018
Selected companies: MiilsMealloggerAuntieMoodmetricMelloVR


What: Sustainable intelligent transport solutions to solve cross-border mobility dilemmas
Project: FinEst Smart Mobility 2017–2018
Selected companies: KyytiGoSwift, Coreorient, Fleetrange, Infotripla, Tilgi Suomi


What: EV charging pilot to support the development of innovative IoT solutions
Project: bIoTope 2017
Selected companies: Parkkisähkö


What: Wellbeing services for new Health and Wellbeing center in Kalasatama
Project: Fiksu Kalasatama 2017
Selected companies: Movendos, Kuntoutussäätiö, Auntie


What: Internet of Everything platform for Smart Cities
Project: Select4Cities project 2017
Selected companies: FIWOO, Etv-CORE, Harmony, IoE Platform, City Enabler, Newton, City of Data, Snap4City, City Platform, Wings Smart City Platform


What: Climate-positive solutions’ experimentation
Project: Fiksu Kalasatama 2017
Selected companies: Witrafi, Parkkisähkö, Elwedo, InnoGreen ja Natural Interest


What: New technologies and business models to ease road congestion at Jätkäsaari
Project: FinEst Smart Mobility 2016
Selected companies: FLOU, GoSwift, Townhall24, Jiffi, Positium

Header photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Marketing