Forum Virium Helsinki members get the best possible insight into Helsinki’s development into an open and smart city.

What’s more, the members can get involved in projects at the planning stage. Member companies also help steer Forum Virium Helsinki’s actions. This is done through the Steering Group and the Board of Directors. The Steering Group decides upon the strategy, the action plan, budget and the acceptance of new members as well as initiating and terminating projects.

Business Finland funds innovations and helps Finnish companies go global.

IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

CGI is a global business with 65,000 professionals in 40 countries, who provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of our clients’ businesses.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for the provision of safe and secure transport and communications connections and services. It also enables the use of new digital services.

Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank, working together with the public sector, private sector, and NGOs.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Culture, Health care and Social services, and Technology. 

DIMECC – Digital, Internet, Materials & Engineering Co-Creation.

Sitra is an independent public fund under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament. Its central task is to promote social wellbeing.

EIT Digital aims at global impact through European innovation fuelled by entrepreneurial talent and digital technology. EIT Digital is the leading digital innovations organisation in Europe.

Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies. With over 1,600 member companies, we promote competitiveness and the operational preconditions for the largest and most important export sector in Finland.

Elisa is an international communications services provider.

Telia is a leading telecommunications solutions provider.

Helen Ltd’s energy production is awarded as the most efficient in the world. Helen has almost 400,000 customers throughout Finland and it’s district heat covers over 90% of Helsinki’s heating needs. Helen Ltd’s energy production is awarded as the most efficient in the world.

Tieto provides IT, product development and consulting services in the Nordic countries. In some segments, its operations are global.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Over 1.3 million residents live in the metropolitan area. As an economic centre, it provides 738,100 jobs.

VTT is Northern Europe’s largest applied research organisation, which produces a wide range of technology services and research services both for domestic and international customers in both the private and public sectors.

At HUS Helsinki University Hospital more than half a million patients receive medical care annually. HUS is the biggest health care provider and the second largest employer in Finland.

Yle is the Finnish state broadcasting corporation.


Chair: Chief Digital Officer Mikko Rusama, City of Helsinki

Deputy Country General Manager Kaija Sellman, IBM Finland

SVP, Digital solutions, Tuomas Teuri, Helen

Branch Director Liisa Pohjolainen, City of Helsinki

Administrative Director Silja Hyvärinen, City of Helsinki

Director of Health Services Leena Turpeinen, City of Helsinki

Unit Director Santtu von Bruun, City of Helsinki

Chief Information Officer Jussi Vehviläinen, City of Helsinki

Steering group

chair: Mikko Rusama, City of Helsinki

Business Finland: Pekka Sivonen (Manu Setälä)
CGI: Sohvi Puro (Elina Jyväsjärvi)
City of Helsinki – 
Santtu von Bruun
Demos Helsinki – Tuuli Kaskinen (Olli Bremer)
DIMECC: Kari Muranen
EIT Digital – 
Lea Myyryläinen (Timo Sorsa)
Elisa – 
Kari Lehtinen (Mikko Pitkänen)
Federation of Finnish Technology Industries – Helena Soimakallio
Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)
 – Anssi Komulainen (
Petri Home)
Helen – 
Tanja Kotro
HUS Helsinki University Hospital – Visa Honkanen (Mikko Rotonen)
IBM – 
Susanne Nygård (Juhani Suhonen)
Metropolia – Anna-Maria Vilkuna (Päivi Haho)
Ministry of traffic and communications – Saara Reinimäki
Sitra – 
Marja Pirttivaara
 – Marco Suvanto (Jussi Tuurnala)
Tieto – 
Kenneth Brunell (Jukka Huttula)
 – Caj Södergård (
Harri Nurmi)