Co-creating urban futures

Forum Virium Helsinki is the City of Helsinki innovation company. It co-creates urban futures with companies, universities, other public sector organizations and Helsinki residents. Forum Virium Helsinki’s mission is to make Helsinki the most functional smart city in the world.

Forum Virium Helsinki’s development projects drive the creation of digital city services. From the very start, ideas under development are tested as part of users’ everyday lives. Another goal is to create new business opportunities for companies.

The building site for a smart city

The most important tools for building Smart Helsinki are new technology and open access to data. Shared, common standards and replicating successful operating models are particularly worthwhile in the digital world.

The city needs to be an enabler. The best way to do this is to open its processes, data sets, information systems and policies.

Our vision.

Helsinki metropolitan area is the woldclass showcase and capital of digital services in Europe. Partners and members of Forum Virium Helsinki have created remarkable new business and growth.

Our Mission.

Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovator and an initiator of new kind of cooperation between companies, public, sector, organizations and citizens. The aim is to create internationally competitive services that are based on the real needs of users.

Our values.

Open co-operation
Forum Virium Helsinki joins companies, public sector and residents to co-create services that are based on real user needs. Openness creates competitive advantage.

Commitment to objectives
Developing the city operations can be challenging and requires persistent work. We at Forum Virium Helsinki are constantly learning from each other and our pilots. The end result can also be the unexpected.

New discoveries
Forum Virium Helsinki looks for radical and systemic innovations, takes risks and learns from challenges.