Time: 14.12.2017, 3-6pm
Place: Laituri (Kamppi), Helsinki

Welcome to learn and discuss about open air quality data!

The air quality in Helsinki and the Metropolitan area is good compared to other big cities in Europe but occasionally the amount of air pollution rises too high causing harm. Air quality is affected by many different factors; exhaust gases from traffic, street dust,wood burning and small particles carried from other areas by wind and ozone. Air quality has improved during the last decades thanks to the work in air protection.

Clean air is important for all of us, it affects our health and everyday life. Many people like asthmatics and older people suffer from bad air quality. But do you know when the air quality is so bad that it is better to avoid moving or at least changing the route?

Did you know that there are already lots of air quality data available as open data? The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) provide air quality data as open data both in real-time (updating hourly) and as long time-series. For instance HSY shares this kind of data via open APIs – wms and wfs – and as time series.

But do we have enough air quality data? Could we collect air quality data more comprehensively and timely in order to see the current situation regarding certain suburbs for instance?

How could we utilize open air quality data? This information might be useful e.g. in planning time slots for outdoor activities in the kindergartens or retirement homes. Or for cyclists to choose better routes according tobetter air quality.

You are warmly welcome to participate in this open event in order to learn more about air quality data and to share your needs or ideas of how this kind of data could be utilised.


klo 15.00 Welcome
klo 15.10 Importance of respiratory health, The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland
klo 15.25 Air quality data of Finnish Meteorological Institute
klo 15.40 Air quality data of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority
klo 15.55 Helsinki Air Quality Testbed HAQT project
klo 16.15 Break
klo 16.30 New ways to collect air quality and other environmental data, Forum Virium Helsinki
klo 16.45 Workshop
klo 17.45 Summary

This event will be held mainly in English but some presentations and discussions can also be held partly in Finnish.



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