Slush 2018

4.–5.12.2018, Helsinki. Slush 2018 – Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.

Smart City Expo World Congress 13-15 Nov 2018

13-15 November 2018, Barcelona. Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 - Cities To Live In.

Past Events

Mindtrek 2018

10-11 October 2018, Tampere Hall, Finland. Mindtrek international technology conference.

MyData 2018

29-31 August 2018, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki. The MyData 2018 conference invites you to join and enjoy all the flavours of MyData – Business, Legal, Tech, and Social.

FABULOS Open Market Consultation 26.4.2018

The Open Market Consultation will be held at the Helsinki City Hall on 26 April 2018

Nordic IoT week 16.-20.4.2018

Welcome to the leading Internet of Things event in the Nordics!

Digital Business World Congress 22.-24.5.2018

22.-24.5.2018. Madrid, IFEMA. Digital Business World Congress - The world's leading event on Digital Transformation.

Helsinki Loves Developers: Publishing responses of map-based surveys as open data 1.2.2018

Time: 1.2.2018. Place: Laituri, Helsinki. Helsinki Loves Developers: Publishing the responses of map-based surveys as open data.

European Robotics Forum 13.-15.3.2018

13.-15.3.2018. Tampere, Finland. The European Robotics Forum (ERF), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held in Tampere in March 2018.

Transport Research Arena 16.-19.4.2018

16.-19.4.2018. Vienna, Austria. Transport Research Arena.

Connected Smart Cities Conference 11.1.2018

11.1.2018. Belgium, Brussels. Connected Smart Cities Conference 2018.

Helsinki Loves Developers: Breathing good or bad air – answers from sensor data 14.12.2017

When: 14.12.2017, 3-6pm. Where: Laituri (Kamppi), Helsinki. What: Hel <3 Dev: Breathing good or bad air - answers from sensor data.