The Green Campus hackathon

Artikkelikuva: The Green Campus hackathon

“Let’s imitate the nature! Let’s hack together for a more sustainable future!”

The Green Campus hackathon takes place on the weekend 24th – 25th May in the Open Innovation House in Otaniemi, Espoo. The aim is to promote the application of Big Data to tackle environmental and sustainability issues, with particular focus on energy efficiency data, on one side, and on social media data, on the other side. Green Campus hackathon is a two-days ICT for sustainability themed event as part of Green Hackathon series. Aalto and HIIT Professors and researchers, who are members of CIVIS joint EU research project, organize the event.

Sustainability is a complex problem, thus the hackathon call is open for diverse and multidisciplinary teams. Energy engineers, data scientists, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs, researchers, social psychologists, policy-makers and everyone else who is aware of the environmental issues today, and who also wants to act towards such awareness, is invited to join our event.

Partners are: Aalto University, VTT, EIT ICT Labs, 720°, M-brain, Forum Virium Helsinki and Helsinki Loves Developers.

Find out more:
Twitter @greenhackathon
CIVIS website
Green Hackathon Series

Register by 20th of May:

Time: 05/24/2014 – 09:30 – 05/25/2014 – 19:00 – 05/24/2014 – 09:30 – 05/25/2014 – 19:00
Venue: Open Innovation House, Otaniementie 19b, 02150 Espoo


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