Mindtrek 2017 Conference

Artikkelikuva: Mindtrek 2017 Conference

Mindtrek 2017 – International technology conference
20th to 21st September 2017, Tampere Finland
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MINDTREK is an international technology conference that is uniquely packaged to serve a large variety of people from different walks of life. The conference is a culmination of advanced future technologies, out-of-the-box business concepts and a possibility to build new multi-disciplinary networks across country and industry borders.

Mindtrek 2017 is organized September 20th – 21st at Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre in Tampere, Finland.

More information on Mindtrek 

More information on Mindtrek


Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

#IoT #opendata #databusiness #API
Mobile: +358 40 674 9911


Annukka Varteva

#API #opendata #6Aika #databusiness
Mobile: +358 40 522 7407

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