FinEst Twins Digital Twin Masterclass 2020

Artikkelikuva: FinEst Twins Digital Twin Masterclass 2020

Visual 3D models are being deployed in smart cities around the world. While earlier the motivation was mostly on visualizing the buildings, the latest developments will turn the 3D models into a rich source of information related to the urban landscape and built environment. One of the goals of the FinEst Twins project is to develop the Digital Twins of Helsinki and Tallinn as joint effort. The work also supports the urban research done in Aalto University and TalTech. The webinar series is a masterclass of smart city digital twins, presented by top experts in the field and supported with state of the art showcases from around the world.

Introduction to City Models, Case Transportation

Time: 5.11.2020 at 1pm–3.30pm
Location: Online webinar
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The webinar series starts with the introduction to CityGML and it’s latest version, CityGML 3.0. This introduction covers the history of CityGML as a standard and highlights of the previous projects. The ten thematic modules are introduced, as well as the ADE mechanism to provide custom data models for the city needs. As a use case presentation, the case of creating the New York transportation model is presented.

1pm: Introduction to CityGML (Prof. Dr. Thomas Kolbe, Chair of Geoinformatics, Technical University of Munich)
2pm: Case New York 3D and Transportation (M.Sc Christof Beil, Technical University of Munich)
3pm: Q&A
3.30pm Webinar ends

Energy on City Models, Case Helsinki Energy ADE

Time: 12.11.2020, 1pm–3.30pm
Location: Online webinar
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The second webinar covers the topics of using the digital twin as a platform to support the cities energy efficiency and climate initiatives. The Energy ADE data model extension is explained together with various options on how to provide meaningful simulations on the platform. As a case study, the Helsinki Energy ADE update to the Climate Atlas is presented.

1pm: Energy on City Models (Prof. Dr. Volker Coors, HFT Stuttgart)
2pm: Implementing Energy ADE on CityGML (M.Sc Maxim Rossknecht)
2:30pm: Case Helsinki Climate Atlas (M.Sc Jarmo Suomisto, City of Helsinki)
3pm: Q&A
3.30pm: Webinar ends

Helsinki Loves Developers: Digital Twin for Developers

Time: 18.11.2020, 3pm–6pm
Location: Online webinar
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Helsinki Loves Developers is a networking event between the city and professional and freelance developers interested in the data and use cases related to the city of Helsinki. The event related to the digital twin masterclass provides technical introduction to two new elements of the digital twin development: The OGC API for Features that is replacing the WFS API and CityJSON, that is a developer-friendly encoding of the CityGML data model.

3pm: WFS3 / API Features (Sampo Savolainen, Spatineo Oy)
4pm: GIS for Developers and CityJSON (Dr. Juho-Pekka Virtanen, Dept of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics, Aalto University)
5pm: Q&A
6pm: Webinar ends

Urban Planning on City Models

Time: 19.11.2020, 1pm–3.30pm
Location: Online Webinar
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The third webinar focuses on urban planning and the benefits of a digital twin as the basis for both planning and participatory efforts. The webinar has two parts: A presentation of the Japan I-Urban project and of the Singapore Digital Twin, that has aimed to provide a hilistic view on the city by implementing most of the thematic modules available.

1pm: Case Virtual Singapore (Victor Khoo, Director, Survey&Geomatics – Singapore Land Authority; Dr. Ronnie Lee, Deputy Director, Geospatial Specialist Office, Singapore GovTech)
2pm: Case i-Urban (Kentaro Akahoshi, Director of Urban Visualization Coordination, Cabinet Office, Japan)
3pm: Q&A
3.30pm: Webinar ends

Tallinna Helsinki Workshop

Time: 26.11.2020
Hosted by Helsinki City Executive Office


Please note that all webinar programmes will be updated in the coming weeks. 



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