European Open Innovation Summit and Conference 2012

Artikkelikuva: European Open Innovation Summit and Conference 2012

The two-day European Open Innovation Summit and Conference 2012 will consist of informative case studies and interactive panel discussions led by the world’s top open innovation champions.

As innovators search for more efficient ways to develop new ideas, many are taking advantage of the many benefits found in open innovation. Open innovation is allowing R&D and innovation departments to collaborate with external groups in an effort to discover innovation earlier, easier and cheaper. While there are many challenges associated with collaboration and the sharing of ideas and resources, the desire is there to continue these groundbreaking initiatives.
Some of the challenges in open innovation that will be addressed in this summit include: ownership issues, trust, driving ideas to launch and protecting IP. It is important to develop strategies to protect your innovative ideas given the new trend towards sharing resources. These hurdles and more will be analyzed by innovation leaders from Europe and abroad, who will provide successful strategies for effectively collaborating with innovators outside of your group and offer solutions to the current challenges surrounding open innovation. 

Time: 05/23/2012 – 09:00 – 05/24/2012 – 18:00 – 05/23/2012 – 09:00 – 05/24/2012 – 18:00
Venue: Brussels, Belgium


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