A great opportunity for air quality innovators, start-ups and scalers

Artikkelikuva: A great opportunity for air quality innovators, start-ups and scalers

The UIA HOPE project offers businesses and teams a great opportunity to receive coaching and sparring on their presentations for our Air Quality innovation competition (in Finnish).

The coaching is intended for developers and start-ups that aim to pitch their services and solutions in our competition and provide them for testing within the Helsinki area.

The coaching is free, and slots are available for 14 of the quickest businesses and teams.

Each presentation may be up to 30 minutes long, and our top-level coaches will provide 10–20 minutes of feedback per presentation.

The coaching offers an opportunity to give a presentation and receive coaching on the following:

  • A pitch for the UIA HOPE innovation competition
  • A presentation for the competition’s final round (see competition rules)
  • Your company’s presentation pitch or investor deck.

This means that your presentation must be ready to go before you give it to your coaches.

Register for the event

Register for the event in English.

Register for the event in Finnish.


  • The coaching will take place on 15–16 June 2020 between 9am and 5pm. 
  • We will choose the times and dates of the participants’ slots.
  • We will send an email confirmation of the registration and schedule.
  • We will not pay the businesses for their participation.
  • Your presentations will be kept confidential between you and your coaches.
  • The coaches will not comment on the price or technical viability of your idea. These will be evaluated during the final assessment of the innovation competition/tendering.
  • Businesses receiving coaching will not be prioritised or granted any prior points.
  • The coaches will not take part in the final evaluation of the tendering.
  • This means that the coaching is independent, and the participating businesses are not required to enter the innovation competition.
  • The coaching will take place in a virtual environment via remote communication software (details are included in the confirmation).
  • As long as a business (or the business behind a team) is Finnish, it may use English-language material for coaching purposes (incl. the innovation competition). 
  • In other words, coaching is available in Finnish and English (FIN/ENG).


The main responsibility is with Forum Virium Helsinki (organiser).

The coaches will work as individuals and experts in their respective specialist areas. 


Mari Luukkainen
A growth hacker
20 years of experience in growth hacking. A passion for growth companies’ international growth.

‘I help start-ups grow in the Icebreaker.vc fund, and work as an advisor for Truly Agency, a coach for Kiuas Accelerator and a business angel for start-ups. I think Finland is a fantastic country for start-ups. I want to help create significant international growth in Finland through future technologies.’


Jussi Pirhonen
CEO of marketing agency Tovari

‘As an entrepreneur and CEO of marketing agency Tovari, I am helping 13 visionaries create something new or at least something better. Shareholding in the well-being and tourism import sectors. Two diplomas that are perfect for the innovation sector: A master’s degree in Information Technologies and Innovation Management & MBA – LUT.  Me and my company are involved in new forms of marketing, including the airship company Kelluu, the Heavy Metal Knitting competition and the climbing apparatus firm Genetta. Marketing. Boldly and passionately.’


James McDougall (in english only)

His career has spanned 25 years as an executive in public and private companies in the US, Asia and Europe. He has raised over $250 million in funding for his companies.James currently manages Goliath Wind, My!Wind, Biotatec, Defendec and Thinnect. James is a founding partner of Tera Ventures.


Gian-Luca Cioletti 

Start-up Mentor – Business Coach, City of Helsinki, Economic Development, NewCo Helsinki



Sonja Malin 
Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub Oy

‘Born and raised in Helsinki, but with a somewhat German heart due to my background in German-Finnish Business. I have a passion for all smart city-related innovations: as a carless city dweller, I have an interest in smart mobility solutions that really make a difference.’


Essi Haapaniemi 

Project Coordinator, UIA HOPE, City of Helsinki
City Executive Office, Economic Development/Innovations and New Experiments




We reserve the right to make changes to the coaching team.

Images: The City of Helsinki and the experts’ own sources.

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