D-CENT: Common Technology and the Democratic City

Venue: Madrid, SpainDate: 23.-28.5.2016Time: See programme for timings

During the past two years, D-CENT (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies) has been working to transform democracy in a very concrete way: helping movements, cities, and political parties to build technologies, methods and tools that can make the democratic system more in-sync with collective aspirations of the 21st century.

D-CENT is now seen as one of the most credible experiments across Europe; able to shape the adoption of digital democracy tools and drive new experiments globally.

To showcase and celebrate the results of the D-CENT project a week-long programme of activity is taking place from the 23-28 May in Madrid, Spain.

Forum Virium Helsinki is one of the project partners leading the overall communications of the projcet and piloting in Helsinki.

Full details at democratic-cities.cc