B.Green project researches new solutions for green infrastructure and associated digital tools for supporting cityplanning. B.Green works to create new procedures and applications in the cityplanning context to implement Green Infrastructure solutions widely.


The goal of the project is to find new green infrastructure solutions and search for digital tools, that will help the planning and implementation of these solutions within the cityplanning context. An important goal is also to communicate the benefits of green infrastructure to all levels of stakeholders.

Duration, partners and funding

The duration of the project is from 1.2.2020 to 31.12.2022. The B.Green-project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki. The project partners are the city of Helsinki, the city of Tallinn, and The Stockholm Environment Institute in Tallinn. The Project is funded by the Central Baltic Interreg-program. Central Baltic Interreg funds international development projects between Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden. The funding stake in the project of Forum Virium Helsinki is 590 000 €. The budget of the whole project is 1 302 618 €.

The Role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki coordinates the project and guides to achieve the defined goals. Finding universal tools and solutions for Green Infrastructure to be applied within the cityplanning of Baltic sea area countries is in the center of this project. Searching and testing for new digital tools in this cityplanning fame is important, as they can ease the entry of participation in realizing and understanding the carbonneutrality goals in cities.

Forum Virium Helsinki brings collaborators together to develop solutions and facilitates piloting in the Kalasatama-area in Helsinki. In addition, Forum Virium Helsinki procures from companies experimental pilot-projects regarding to the themes of B.Green. 

The benefits to the City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki receives a lot of understanding of the alternatives of green Infrastructure within the frame of cityplanning. It gives an opportunity to research the effects of novel digital tools to help implement green infrastructure solutions in to the cityplanning-process. The project is realized in close co-operation with the Kalasatama-Länsisatama zoning team. Green Infrastructure solutions are important factors in climate change adaptation and reaching carbon neutrality goals, defining value for properties, wellbeing of residents and the quality of biodiversity of urban ecology.

Photo: The City of Helsinki, Kuvatoimisto Kuvio, Anders Portman

Further information

Maija Bergström

Project Manager

#fiksukalasatama #virtuaalivehreä
Mobile: +358 40 766 1415

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