Forum Virium Helsinki is involved in several projects that aim at improving the air quality of Helsinki and thus the pleasantness of the entire city. This aim of improving the air quality of Helsinki is also shared by the City of Helsinki, the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. However, we cannot do this alone, which is why we are now asking for your help.

Join the Air Quality Troops and collect air quality data for your region for use by the City of Helsinki and its cooperation partners. During the year, we will be needing air quality data from people living in Jätkäsaari, Vallila and Pakila. By joining the Air Quality Troops, you can help improve the air quality of your home city and make Helsinki a pleasant and functional city.

Join the Air Quality Troops below and we will contact you soon to provide you with the necessary instructions. We will lend you a small air quality measuring sensor, which is easy and fun to use. Your data will be kept strictly safe and secure.

This year, Forum Virium Helsinki is studying new ways of producing and utilising air quality data in the Select for Cities, Quasimodo, MUV and Hope projects funded by the EU, EIT Digital and the City of Helsinki. Other project partners include the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the University of Helsinki, Useless Company and Vaisala.

Yes please, sign me up for the Air Quality Troops!

Further information

Ville Nousiainen

Community Manager

Mobile: +358 40 646 4442

Tiina Inki

Project Planner

Mobile: +358 40 840 5707

Projects utilising air quality data

Select for Cities