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As a project partner, we offer you

  • Climate change mitigation and digitalization of city services.
  • Co-creation model including +500 citizens actively engaged.
  • Extensive national and EU R&I collaboration experience.
  • 150 successful EU projects with 70 M€ EU funding received.
  • The City of Helsinki as a Living Lab and domain-based testbed for piloting.
  • +600 open data sources.
  • Urban data space.
  • PCP and agile piloting concepts 
  • Nationwide innovation network of 6 largest cities in Finland.

Forum Virium Helsinki has been a pioneer in making cities smart, sustainable and functional. We have pushed for the public data opening on the world’s biggest open data platforms in Helsinki. We have piloted autonomous buses and life-saving drones. We have developed the renowned Smart Kalasatama district. Helsinki consistently ranks on the top of Smart City related studies, being the world’s second-best Smart City in 2020.

“Helsinki was the second best Smart City in the world in 2020.”

IMD Smart City Index 2020
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Our memberships

We are members of various international innovation and smart city organizations. We co-create digital and climate friendly city solutions that are scalable in the whole world. As our project partner you get the access to all our wide networks.

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We are constantly developing new projects. We are also interested to join existing consortiums and project application teams.

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Hugo Goncalves Hugo Goncalves

Hugo Goncalves
Senior Project Development Manager, Head of EU R&I collaboration
+358 45 1199 410

Aino Rantanen Aino Rantanen

Aino Rantanen
Project Development Manager
+358 50 304 0918