Guided Smart City tours to Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari

Book a guided Smart City tour to Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari in Helsinki.

Digital challenges faced by Helsinki’s schools being tackled in ten agile pilots

Forum Virium Helsinki has been closely involved in the development of a new operating model that aims at transforming schools into innovation platforms.

TAW – New teaching technology for welding

The developed tool for welding is based on combining virtual and augmented reality by means of digital technology.

Climate-friendly Housing Companies – Energy efficiency through data utilisation

The Climate-friendly Housing Companies project aims to improve energy efficiency through the utilisation of data collected with the help IoT.

MyData topics covered during Smart City Day at MyData 2018 in Helsinki

Topical IoT issues were covered at the Smart City Day, organized in the framework of the MyData 2018 conference that took place from 29.–31. of August in Helsinki, Finland.

Anni Sinnemäki Forum Virium Helsinki

Finland creates smart charging for electric cars – BMW tests solution

The service developed by the bIoTope project saves the driver's time, energy and nerves. Deputy Mayor of Helsinki Anni Sinnemäki considers the service promising.

5,500,000 euros available for creating an autonomous bus line

International request for tenders is launched by the FABULOS-project to acquire systems capable of operating fleets of automated minibuses within urban areas.

Living Lab expert Tiina Inki started in August

Tiina Inki will be applying her smart city development expertise in living lab trials in the Select for Cities -project.

‘Uber for boats’ and other smart mobility services being tested in Jätkäsaari

Jätkäsaari is a testing ground for new mobility solutions and a showcase for smart transport to the rest of the world.

Agile piloting drives innovation in Smart Kalasatama

The programme for Agile piloting is a proven way to support and accelerate urban development and to engage a wider stakeholder network to co-create new services.

Smart Flexi Space Network expanding the utilisation of underused spaces in the city

The aim is to open up underused spaces for residents, utilise various spaces as platforms for experimentation and develop the framework and explore business models of offering spaces as a service.

The biggest cultural centre in Finland connects its band rehearsal rooms to the Internet of Things

Smart technology can help to improve the energy efficiency of old buildings, which is piloted here.

SMASH – Sustainable Mobility Analysis as Service Hub

Sustainable Mobility Analysis as Service Hub (SMASH) is a two-year project launched in January 2018 and funded by EIT Climate-KIC, focusing on data collection and management related to sustainable mobility.


5 effective ways to reduce the use of private cars in cities

Forum Virium’s EMPOWER project studied how to encourage people to reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles in cities.

A guided tour to Smart Kalasatama on foot

Download The Citynomadi app and start a guided tour to Smart Kalasatama, The Smart City district of Helsinki.

Become a SynchroniCity pilot city!

You can get involved by applying in a Pilot Group for the Open Call and become a new pilot city. Cities from all over the world are welcome to apply but only cities from the EU and H2020 associated countries are eligible for funding.

SOHJOA Baltic – Robot buses to aid smart public transport

During the implementation of the Sohjoa Baltic project, automated minibuses will be piloted as part of public transportation in six countries in the Baltic region.

SynchroniCity – global IoT markets of shared digital service in Cities

SynchroniCity incorporates the expertise gathered from Forum Virium Helsinki's data harmonisation and data business projects into the IoT market. The goal of the project is to create better preconditions for scaling IoT services to larger markets across city and country borders.

urbansense 5G forum virium

UrbanSense gathers together 5G testbeds in Helsinki

UrbanSense gathers 5G test platforms together and creates excellent conditions for developing both network and service businesses in Helsinki.

300,000 euros funding available in the SynchroniCity project for scaling your IoT solution

SynchroniCity is holding an open funding call for small and medium companies seeking to test ‘smart city’ solutions using IoT technology and to scale them to suit new markets. Apply by 30th of September.

Renske Martijnse-Hartikka makes robot buses part of the Helsinki public transportation

"In 2020 Helsinki and multiple European partner cities will have a fleet of self-driving minibuses going around, open for everyone to use."