Nordic Healthy Cities – Piloting solutions for healthy urban life

In the Nordic Healthy Cities project, the participant cities will run five pilot projects that will test innovative practices to tackle health challenges in future urban areas.

Polle-jakelurobotti CoHeWe Kustaankartano

Polle robot courier tested in the food delivery services of Kustaankartano senior centre – mail and laundry delivery also possible

A robot courier that allows for automated food logistics between the Kustaankartano food centre and the senior centre is being tested in Helsinki. The purpose of the pilot carried out in co-operation between City of Helsinki Service Centre, City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division and Forum Virium Helsinki is to make it easier to deliver meals to the senior centre’s wards.

Sohjoa Last Mile improves automated public transport use cases and disseminates learnings on EU regulations

Sohjoa Last Mile continues from where the Sohjoa Baltic project left off. The lessons learned in the previous project will be utilised and the level of difficulty of the pilots will be raised to the next level. The primary objective of the pilots will be to operate automated minibuses without a safety driver inside the vehicle. The pilots will also involve the testing of a demand responsive service concept and focus on improving the reliability of services.

Experimenting an autonomous robot courier with Smart Kalasatama residents

Place a meal order on your smartphone and get it delivered by a robot. Here we share what it’s like to experiment novel services in urban labs. 

Smart mobility belongs to everyone 2.0 follow-up report

Voice-controlled services, a mobility application tailored for children, real-time public transport capacity data and virtual route previews. Älyliikenne kuuluu kaikille 2.0 (Smart Mobility Belongs to Everyone 2.0) workshop was all about coming up with ideas to address the major mobility challenges of different people.

AiRMOUR_EHang Falcon_in_flight_web

The AiRMOUR project increases urban air mobility competence

As populations grow, traditional traffic infrastructure is pushed to its limits. Mobility is therefore expanding into the third dimension – the airspace. AiRMOUR is a research and innovation project supporting sustainable air mobility in urban contexts via emergency and medical services.

Callboats Vartiosaari 2020 Kuva Vesa Laitinen

Helsinki fared excellently in the 2020 Smart City comparison

Helsinki was ranked the world’s second best smart city and Finland was ranked Europe’s second most innovative country in the 2020 smart city comparison.

New co-creation guide for the social and health care sector published

Our new expert publication, From Need to Solution – A Co-Creation Guide for the Social and Health Care Sector, discusses ways in which co-creation can improve existing municipal services and create new ones.

Hyvää joulua robotilta

Happy Holidays!

With this video we want to thank all our partners, friends of innovation and the people of Helsinki for an eventful year. May the peace and joy of the holidays be with you throughout 2021!

wc-istuin cohewe kustaankartano

Smart Toilet Seats improved the well-being of older people in Helsinki

Assistive toilet seats and automatic bidet technology improved the well-being of the residents of Kustaankartano Senior Centre in pilot projects carried out this year in Helsinki.

Fiksu kaupunki_1005165_Jussi_Hellsten

Helsinki Innovation Districts: smart city development expanding to Malmi, Pasila, Malminkartano-Kannelmäki and Mellunkylä

Ever since their construction, Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama districts have been developed with smart technical solutions while supporting carbon neutrality. Now the best solutions are also being exported to Helsinki’s outlying districts and suburbs. The aim of the Helsinki Innovation Districts project is to make the everyday lives of residents more diverse and easier while giving rise to new business.

Jakelurobotti 2 kuva Vesa Laitinen

Take a gift to a robot and do good – a test robot is helping with holiday gift collection in Helsinki

In a pilot project coordinated by the innovation company Forum Virium, a robot moving about independently receives gifts for the Joulupuu holiday charity in Kansalaistori Square. At the same time, the robot is also collecting data on the challenges and opportunities of autonomous deliveries.

multisensorinen aistihuone Kustaankartano

Sensory room based on Smart Technology reduced depression and need for medication amongst people with memory disorders in Helsinki

A EU project carried out in Helsinki has shown promising results in the utilisation of smart technology to treat older people with memory disorders.

AI4Cities launches its Request for Tenders to find AI solutions accelerating carbon neutrality

AI4Cities, an EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), has launched its Request for Tenders (RfT). Tenderers are invited to submit innovative AI solutions in the fields of energy and mobility. These solutions should contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the six cities and regions involved in the project: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Île-de-France - Paris Region (France), Stavanger (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia). The call is open until 28.2.2021.


I4I competition: Forum Virium is looking for innovations to boost outdoor air quality improvement actions

Do you have a digital solution that can boost air quality improvements? Participate in the Innovations4Interventions contest!


Answer a survey about consumer consent & data security

We are regularly asked to give away personal data in order to obtain access to services we wish to get. This provides a growing source of concern about safety. What are your thoughts on providing your personal data?

Ambitious goals for robot bus piloting in the FABULOS project

The FABULOS project focuses on how cities can use automated buses in a systematic way. The goal is to procure the operations of an autonomous bus line. To be more precise, the focus is on a turnkey solution that can manage automated robot bus fleets as part of cities’ public transportation systems.

Stara eRetrofit installations started

Installations have started: On a mission to electrify the entire heavy-duty vehicle fleet of Helsinki

Is it possible to transform an entire, old diesel vehicle fleet, to run on electricity? Forum Virium Helsinki has taken on the challenge.

Project planner Nikita Akmaikin works with the FinEst Twins and Carbon Neutral Tourism projects

Project planner Nikita Akmaikin started at Forum Virium Helsinki's IoT team. He works with the FinEst Twins and Carbon Neutral Tourism projects. Nikita would like to develop Helsinki by making it a data-driven city that enables simpler ways of living.