Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar encourages Helsinki to make its underused spaces available for citizens

The REFILL project shares the best practices acquired from the temporary use of facilities among European cities.

Smart Learning Environments of the Future

The aim of Forum Virium Helsinki’s subproject is to create a lasting operating model through which schools can highlight their needs and challenge companies to respond to them.

The Six City Strategy Finland’s flagship project for EU Cohesion 30

The Six City Strategy (6Aika) has been chosen to represent Finland for the EU Cohesion Policy’s 30th anniversary year.

Cisco becomes a member of Forum Virium Helsinki

Cisco becomes a member of Forum Virium Helsinki.

Let’s pilot digital wellbeing in Kalasatama

We seek digital solutions that support wellbeing and health of residents of the Kalasatama district of Helsinki. The maximum value of a single pilot offer is EUR 8,000. Make an offer now!

IoT Innovation Night Helsinki gave a boost to the local IoT ecosystem

IoT Innovation Night Helsinki was organised in November at Maria01 startup hub.

Top 5 from ThingsCon IoT conference in Amsterdam

Forum Virium Helsinki IoT team picked out the top five IoT topics from ThingsCon conference, which took place last month in Amsterdam.

Joulukortti Hope-järjestö Forum Virium Helsinki

Season’s greetings from Forum Virium Helsinki

As a christmas gift we have made a donation on your behalf to Hope foundation, who help children in need and families facing crisis.

Last mile – Smart mobility solutions for cities

The Last mile project seeks smart mobility solutions for tourists, residents and commuters in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The mobility pilots of Helsinki will be take place in Jätkäsaari area. The pilots aim to make transport easier for different user groups and to improve the accessibility of the area.

sampo hietanen maas

3 ways to promote smart transport in cities

How can cities and companies benefit the most from the transformation of transport? MaaS Global CEO Sampo Hietanen lists three most important factors.

Build a smart city with Forum Virium Helsinki

Build a smart city with us! Forum Virium Helsinki’s open calls for pilots and experiments can be found on our Collaboration opportunities -page.

8 tips to make the Internet of Things into an open ecosystem

Helsinki, Antwerp and London rounded up the cities’ tips for promoting a more open Internet of Things. Leading smart cities have taken steps towards an open and platform-based IoT.


Artificial intelligence is the next iPhone

International investments in AI have grown 300 per cent in the space of a year. Google, Facebook and other digital companies are spending 20–30 billion euros a year on artificial intelligence.

Fast-track to getting started with open Smart City APIs

Six largest cities in Finland have opened up their data and interfaces since 2014. The cities’ experiences in opening up data and accelerating data-driven business have been collected in a series of brochures.

Searching for experts on Autonomous Vehicles

Forum Virium Helsinki has opened a call for applicants for two open positions. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 15th of November 2017.

mySMARTLife Helsinki – Innovative measures to improve energy efficiency

Helsinki aims to reduce its emissions through smart solutions on the field of energy efficiency, mobility and the related IoT/ICT solutions. To further advance on this goal, Helsinki together with other cities works on cutting down emissions in the mySMARTLife project.

bIoTope – Developing open standards for the Internet of things

The bIoTope project enables development of new solutions across multiple platforms and open innovation ecosystems. This fosters development of the new products and services by the companies as well as public and private institutions.

Smart Kalasatama – Smart districts make smart cities

City planners and citizens are gearing up for the 70 percent of the world’s population projected to live in urban areas by 2050. It will require commitment, consistency, community and collaboration between all public and private stakeholders

Cities as a forefront of digital single market

Interoperability means savings for cities and business for companies. Since 2012 Forum Virium Helsinki has been a key player in Smart City API harmonization efforts through its wide project portfolio consisting of European and national projects.

Helsinki is one of the European Innovation Capital finalists

Helsinki qualifies as an innovation capital for its innovation platforms such as Smart Kalasatama and intelligent transport pilots.

Smart Kalasatama attracts innovation tourists to Helsinki

“Innovation tourism has grown rapidly in recent years. Successful nations and cities are looking to harness new technologies and practices to better serve their citizens and foster economic growth,” says Veera Mustonen, the head of the Smart Kalasatama project.