CircVol – Utilisation of side streams and masses of soil in cities

CircVol project promotes business that subscribes to the ideas of circular economy and the utilisation of large volumes of industrial side streams and earth masses in earthworks.

Kalasatama Wellbeing – new digital wellbeing services through pilots

The Kalasatama Wellbeing pilot programme involved developing new digital solutions that support urban wellbeing in collaboration with residents, Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre and business partners.

Co-created Health and Wellbeing – CoHeWe

The objective of the Co-created Health and Wellbeing – CoHeWe project is to promote cooperation between businesses and cities and enable the development and implementation of new, customer-oriented wellbeing and health services.

Five consortia awarded contracts in FABULOS pre-commercial procurement

The aim of these contracts is to facilitate procurement of R&D work to develop systems capable of operating fleets of automated minibuses.

Bright Ageing – Smart lighting that supports wellbeing

The Bright Ageing project involves testing a smart lighting system that is tailored to the user’s personal needs and wishes.

VR Oodi. Kuva: Jussi Hellsten

Helsinki claims several top positions in 2018 smart city comparisons

Helsinki is the best City in the world for digital transport services and the best in Europe when it comes to smart city tourism.

New Solutions in City Logistics – Smart Last Mile Delivery in Urban Areas

The New Solutions in City Logistics project seeks new solutions for organising light and environmentally-friendly urban distribution.

Jätkäsaari Smart Mobility – A test area for smart mobility and accelerator for commercialisation

The Jätkäsaari Smart Mobility project is creating an urban test area for smart mobility solutions, where SMEs specialising in mobility are provided with support in developing their business and opportunities to pilot their solutions in an interesting environment.  

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Contracts Awarded for the Third and Final Phase of SELECT for Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement

Innovative IoT-platforms will be tested in real-life settings in Helsinki and Antwerp.

Pekka Koponen Kerkko Vanhanen

5 biggest trends in smart city development

The Smart City Expo World Congress took place in Barcelona in mid-November. Forum Virium was also in attendance to market Helsinki’s know-how and collect the best tips for Finland’s smart city developers. Here is a list of the upcoming trends in smart city development based on the event.

See Helsinki’s Smart City Development at Barcelona Smart City Expo

5 projects representing Helsinki's Smart City development.

More time for learning – Helsinki’s new challenges published!

Companies are invited to offer solutions to three challenges defined by teachers.

This is how pre-commercial procurement has proven useful in Helsinki

Experiences from EU projects in Helsinki, benefits for city innovation and companies.

Become a forerunner of sustainable mobility and improve the quality of life in your neighbourhood – Join the MUVement!

Gain poits whenever you move around your neighbourhood! MUV project uses an innovative approach to improve urban mobility: encouraging sustainability through a game.

Mobility Urban Values – MUV

The Mobility Urban Values (MUV) project encourages residents to change their mobility behaviour and make more sustainable mobility choices through illustration and gamification. The project’s influencing methods are co-created with residents.

Smart Kalasatama new programme director Kerkko Vanhanen works closely to residents

Smart Kalasatama new programme director Kerkko Vanhanen works closely to the residents. We asked him about the direction he intends to take with Helsinki's most famous smart city district.

Highlights of Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen

These developments will bring us to a “Super Smart Society.”

Guided Smart City tours to Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari

Book a guided Smart City tour to Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari in Helsinki.

Digital challenges faced by Helsinki’s schools being tackled in ten agile pilots

Forum Virium Helsinki has been closely involved in the development of a new operating model that aims at transforming schools into innovation platforms.

TAW – New teaching technology for welding

The developed tool for welding is based on combining virtual and augmented reality by means of digital technology.