Aika: Please note that this event is postponed for April
Paikka: TBC

We are looking for the companies that will help us in building an ecosystem for connecting different actors and service providers for bIoTope IoTBnB solution that enables parking and charging services for electric vehicles in Helsinki.

bIotope is EU funded three-years project aiming to build IoT open innovation ecosystem.

There are three goals for Helsinki bIotope Open Call 2:
– Integrating Helsinki charging case with Smart Mobility case by importing external live parking data to bIoTope data schema (O-DF, MobiVoc);
– Creating an android application (available from play store) for the Helsinki Pilot solution front-end functionalities;
– Scaling horizontally charging services and infrastructure by bringing more charging service providers
to bIoTope O-MI/O-DF –powered ecosystem.

These three challenges provide the opportunities to join bIoTope community for different IoT companies, SW development companies, charging services providers, parking service provider and operators and for others.

In order to clarify the needs of business and communicate the goal of Biotope project we will arrange Face-to-Face session with the following agenda:

– Coffee
– Helsinki pilot case (FV)
– Brief introduction – Biotope project, technology (Aalto University)
– Current state of Helsinki pilot implementation (Parking Energy OY)
– Parkki Hub project (Helsinki City)
– The purpose for Open Call 2 (FV)
– Input from companies – open discussion

More Information:
bIoTope Open Call 2

Dr. Natalia Reen
IoT Project Manager
Forum Virium Helsinki
+358 50 486 0424